New Buses on 28 and 431 Services 18/09/2019

We are pleased to announce that following the recent time table changes to our 431 and 28 Bus services that our newer buses for these services have now entered service.

The 28 service will now be operated with the newer generation of ADL E200 buses which feature an improved interior design with more comfortable passenger seating.  The vehicles also feature more environmentally friendly engines with E5 emission standards


The 431 service will now be operated with a newer specially sourced Optare Solo, this vehicle is smaller that our normal fleet of buses but features high back more comfortable passenger seating fitted with Seat Belts.  The vehicle also features the more environmentally friend engine with Euro 5 emission standards. We will be fitted with our flagship services features over the next month including -

  • Passenger WIFI
  • Passenger Information Screens which will provide passenger information on the links with our Flagship 461 service at Addlestone

Thank you and we hope you enjoy riding around on our new fleet additions.

Falcon Coaches