This is our Covid-19 information page, you will find details on this page of the revised procedures and policies we have put in place to safeguard and ensure the health and well-being of both our passengers, staff, and their families. 

These new processes will ensure your safety and will allow us to try to return to normal, traveling to and from Work, School, a trip to the Shops or even further afield for a day out.

We have been transporting passengers on our buses through the pandemic and have ensured that everyone has been able to travel safely.

Our number one priority as usual has always been and will continue to be the safety and wellbeing of our passengers, staff, and their families.

We have listed being the essential information to allow you to travel safely on a Falcon Bus, this will ensure you know what to expect when you travel with Falcon.

Our new processes may change from time to time as Government advice is updated and we will ensure that these processes remain in place until such time that Government Advises that they are not necessary.

Face Coverings

Passengers on Public transport are required to wear a face covering (excluding those passengers exempt for medical reasons and children under 11) when travelling on public transport in England.  This follows new Guidance and Regulations that have been issued by the Government, while we recover from the Coronavirus.

If you feel you are exempt from wearing a face covering and are unsure, please contact our office for advice.

All our drivers and staff are issued with face masks, visors, and disposable gloves, they are exempt from wearing a face mask or visor while driving.  However, you will find that they may have their mask on when you board and alight from our vehicle.

Our vehicles have now also been fitted with cab protection screens to help protect both our driver and our passengers.

Please ensure that you wearing you face mask when you board and travel on our buses.

 Bus Cleaning

Our improved cleaning regimes along with additional cleaning staff are now all in place, the new cleaning regime includes enhanced basic cleaning as well as ensuring all high touch surfaces areas (such as hand poles) are sanitized at least daily or more often where necessary.  On top of this our cleaning team are now carrying out vehicle fogging every night with an Antiviral chemical which is proven to be effective against the Coronavirus.

Our offices and staff welfare facilities are now also cleaned more frequently, and all surfaces are sanitized at least daily. Our offices are also fogged on a weekly basis.

Health Screening and Temperature Checks

All staff are having their temperature checked when they report for work, and their temperature is being logged.  Any member of staff with a temperature over 37.8 degrees is being sent home to contract NHS 111 to arrange a Coronavirus test. 

Boarding and Alighting the bus

  • While waiting at the bus stop, please allow room for others to wait and leave 2 meters apart,
  • Before you board our bus please allow others to exit the vehicle,
  • Please fit your face covering before boarding and do not take it off until you have left our bus,
  • Allow space between your fellow passengers and board one at a time, wait on the pavement until the passenger in front has paid their fares,
  • Paying your fare
  • Our preferred payment method of payment at the present time is either contactless using your Debit or Credit card or our mobile ticketing facility on our website and we would ask you to use this as the main way in which you pay your fare,
  • If you are unable to make payment using contactless payment methods then we will be accepting Cash but with EXACT CHANGE ONLY, and all our drivers have been instructed not to issue change,

Sanitizing Stations

Hand sanitizing stations are now fitted within the entrance area of all our buses. We would ask that you sanitize your hands once you have boarded our bus and before you move down the bus. 

Where to sit

Once you board you will find that the seats directly behind our driver are marked out of use to allow social distance between our driver and passengers.

We are following Government advice and practicing 1 metre + Social Distancing on board our vehicles so please sit t in every other window seat (unless traveling with your family), allow space and keep the seat next to, behind, and in front of you empty if possible,

This does mean that our capacity on board our buses is reduced by around 50% so when traveling in peak hours you may not be able to get your preferred bus. We would advise those that can travel off peak to do so to help guarantee your journey times